BGT in 1,2,3: semi-final 2 recap

Death-defying sword swallowing, dancing monkeys and - hold tight - Wayne Woodward reigns supreme


Tonight it was the second live Britain’s Got Talent semi-final and there was plenty going on. Yes, including a Lion King/ Michael Jackson mash-up. But we’re getting straight to the heart of the matter, with the three stand-out moments of the episode…


1. Simon Cowell struggled to work out Alex Magala’s performance

It’s safe to say Cowell isn’t entirely sold on why Alex Magala wants to swallow swords and fall from a height, while blindfolded, towards spinning drills.

“What am I supposed to say after that?” Cowell said following the heart-pumping audition. “I can’t say it’s good… they were like 8-inch drills so you were about to puncture yourself 100 times. I want you to go through to the finals but them I’m dreading what you’re going to do next. I think you’re certifiably mad. No-one has risked their life more on all the years on this show and for that I have to congratulate you.”

He wasn’t done there. Turning to Magala himself, a flabbergasted Cowell asked: “Why are you doing this?”

Magala went on to explain that he hoped his act helped show people not to be afraid when chasing their dreams. But Cowell still wasn’t sold: “What about a walk in the park?”

Well, you can’t say he’s not honest.

Cowell will have to see more of Magala however, as his vote helped land him a spot in the final this Saturday night. So watch this space. From behind a cushion maybe.

2. Vitaly Voronko confused everyone with his dancing monkeys

Vitaly Voronko confused the judges with his mash-up of Lion King songs and Michael Jackson tracks. Throw in the fact that he was dressed as a superhero surrounded by dancing monkeys and no one would blame you for thinking you needed to readjust your television set.

He earned three buzzers (sparking many comments online about why the judges put him through in the first place) from Cowell, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon. And Cowell wasn’t backwards at coming forwards with his thoughts on the whole thing. “That was arguably – honestly – one of the worst thing I’ve seen at this stage of the competition,” he said of the accordion player.

Although he was silenced by the quick wit of David Walliams when he moaned the masks were like those you’d buy in a joke shop.

“It’s your show – spend a bit more money!” Walliams quipped.

That told him didn’t it?

3. Hold tight, Wayne Woodward only went and won

Oh yes, ladies and gentleman cheeky chap Wayne Woodward scooped victory on the second semi-final. He changed his song today, so hat’s off to him for getting everything bang on. Although it was his choice. He simply got bored of rehearsing whatever his other song was. So it was down to him to pull it out of the bag. And he did. Even remembering to tell the audience to get home safe after he was told he’d won. What a charmer.


Britain’s Got Talent continues Tuesday at 7:30pm on ITV