Amanda Holden throws water at David Walliams during BGT final

Walliams joked that it'd be good for Amanda Holden's Golden Buzzer Beau Dermott to win to mark her final year on the show...


It wouldn’t be a reality show final without a bit of water throwing and David Walliams (almost) got a soaking from Amanda Holden.


The long-standing judge got the hump after Walliams said Holden’s Golden Buzzer act Beau Dermott should win to properly end her last year on the show.

“Be great if you won because it’s Amanda’s final year on the show,” he joked. “Be a great way to say goodbye to her.”

As Holden lobbed her water his way, Walliams could only be thankful that she has pretty rubbish aim.

“The water trick, never seen that before!” Walliams teased.


Holden’s not set to go anywhere though, telling us earlier in the year: “I ain’t going anywhere!”