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11 secrets and teasers for Britain's Got Talent 2016

From the best Golden Buzzer to the acts David Walliams secretly "hates", Simon Cowell and co give us a sneak peek at the BGT 2016 action

Published: Saturday, 9th April 2016 at 5:30 am

Ahead of the return of Britain's Got Talent, the judges and presenters have given us some hints and teasers to get us excited for the series.


From why Ant and Dec get grumpy with Simon Cowell to why one act will have us watching from behind the sofa, Amanda Holden et al dish on what we can expect from this tenth anniversary year...

1. Alesha Dixon has the "best" Golden Buzzer

It seems Alesha Dixon has scooped a potential champion with her Golden Buzzer press. Amanda Holden quite literally says "Alesha’s buzzer could win the show" while Simon Cowell admits he wishes he'd scooped them for himself. He also gives away that said act is a choir:

"I wasn’t thinking too much about it and then as soon as she pressed it I just thought, ‘Oh God, I would have liked that choir’. That’s the kind of competition element there is between the judges, we all want to buzz for the best one. I would have buzzed if she hadn’t because they were fantastic."

Meanwhile, it seems Ant and Dec have backed a singer: "The audience’s reaction was like nothing we had experienced that day," Ant says. "I don’t think anybody expected that big and beautiful voice to come out of her mouth."

Amanda Holden has too, backing a young girl who sings Defying Gravity from Wicked the musical. "I am a real sucker for kids and for musical theatre," she admits.

Once again it looks like Mr Walliams will surprise with his choice, with Dixon admitting: "As much as I wouldn’t have pressed my Golden Buzzer for David’s act, they are brilliant in their own way so the public might love them. So we’ll have to wait and see..."


2. One performance will have you watching from behind your sofa

"There was a really standout performance from a sword swallower," Dec reveals. "I’m not sure if his act was more surprising or shocking or terrifying but it was certainly the most dangerous act we’ve got on the show this year."

"I can’t wait for viewers to see that audition," Ant concurs. "Or perhaps you’ll only partially see it because you’ll be hiding your face behind a cushion..!"

3. One will make you feel all nostalgic

Look out for a dancer who's set to take us on a trip down memory lane. "It was a clever audition because he took us on a Britain’s Got Talent journey and that was lovely," Dixon reveals. "He put some Susan Boyle moments in there which was brilliant, he took us back old school with the Carlton dance from the Fresh Prince, there was some Running Man, I loved that."

4. One might make you blush...

"This year we have got some prime man meat on the show and not just on the judging panel on the stage as well," Walliams teases. "We have two guys – they are actually too handsome, I don’t think it should be allowed – doing these two incredible acts. They are basically acrobatic acts but involve a degree of nudity which livens it up a bit!"

5. Alesha Dixon gets teary

Dixon isn't usually one to get teary. We're far more used to hearing that characteristic cackle. But one act pushes her buttons.

"I just had a bit of a meltdown on the telly, you know, just for the fun of it!" Dixon jokes. "That really surprised me because I don’t often react like that. I often get emotional and I might get a tear in my eye but I have never actually cried like that. But it was one of those moments where I could feel myself getting emotional and I was having an internal conversation with myself at the time she was singing, I was saying, ‘Sort it out girl, get it together’. It was one of those things that took over me so much, I don’t know what it was about that little girl but for so many reasons that audition really spoke to me. If I hadn’t have pressed my Golden Buzzer then I would have 100 per cent pressed it for her."

6. Ant and Dec get pulled on stage for some same sex ballroom dancing

It's not BGT without the presenters getting dragged onto stage. This year, it's ballroom dancing, as Dixon dishes...

"The same sex ballroom dancers were fantastic, absolutely brilliant. I loved seeing things like that, I am a massive fan of that style of dancing anyway but I loved that they did something different. And they got Ant & Dec out there to do it. They weren’t as good but they gave it a good go. It’s Ant & Dec so you are just going to love them anyway."


7. Walliams "hates" the comedy acts, according to Cowell

The banter between Cowell and Walliams seems alive and well as the former reveals: "I don’t like comics, more importantly David hates them. He says he likes them but I watch him when there is someone who is funny, and he’s got quite narrow eyes anyway but they almost shut because if someone else is making the audience laugh he sulks. He pretends he likes them but he actually hates them."


8. Backstage Ant and Dec get the hump when the show runs late into the night

"I work late, they are used to working early, so sometimes we don’t finish until one in the morning and I am watching them in the wings," Cowell explains. "They are literally banging their heads against a wall going, ‘Get us out of here Simon’. So I deliberately slow things down and ask loads of very slow questions to wind them up."


9. David Walliams has plans to buzz when Cowell's Golden Buzzer performs in the semi-finals

"Believe it or not there are quite a lot of egos on that panel. Everyone wants their Golden Buzzer act to win. Simon tried to derail my Golden Buzzer last year [Crumble song singer Lorraine Bowen] and actually buzzed her in the semi-final, so maybe I will do that to him this year."

10. Amanda doesn't cry off camera

Holden is often choked up by an audition, but backstage it's a different story. "Amanda is exactly the same off camera as she is on, there is no difference other than she doesn’t cry in real life!" Cowell says. "I’ve never seen Amanda cry off camera! She saves it for the camera."


11. Cowell was actually nervous about judging the show

It seems Cowell hasn't been sat confidently in that head judge spot: "I see clips from the earlier shows sometimes and I’m like, ‘Maybe I was a little bit hard on those people!’ But if you are going to be a judge on a show then you have to judge, there’s no point saying to someone you like it if it’s terrible. It’s a very different thing when you judge a variety show to a music show because I am outside of my comfort zone. I was thinking about it before and I didn’t know if I could do it or not. But then actually, I think I know when something is good and entertaining or when something is boring. So I find it quite easy now."


Britain's Got Talent returns Saturday at 7:00pm on ITV


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