10 X Factor fans who are absolutely horrified that young people don’t know who Mika is

The popstar that time (and people under the age of 16) forgot

X Factor, Mika (ITV, BA)

Unsure who Mika is? There are plenty of people on Twitter who are very keen to fill you in.


The popstar joined Louis Walsh at the judges’ houses stage of the X Factor this past weekend – and his devoted fanbase leapt to his defence when there were reports that young people had absolutely no clue who he was.

The Lebanese-born singer/songwriter has seen a dip in popularity in recent years, but Mika devotees pointed confused fans to the year 2007, when his massive breakout album Life in Cartoon Motion – which featured the hits Grace Kelly and Happy Ending – hit number one in the UK, selling 10 million copies worldwide.

Of course, if you were under the age of 7 that year, you would be forgiven for letting that moment in pop pass you by.

Louis did the star no favours with a prolonged introduction that made it seem like his contestants were about to be joined by a star of Beyonce’s ilk. Check it out below.

Enraged fans had some thoughts about all of this:

One pointed out that he has met the Queen:

Some pointed to his continued success overseas:

Others were just plain angry:

And there was widespread praise of his performance as a judge on the show:

If the X Factor viewers had their way, Mika and Cheryl – who joined Simon Cowell in Nice – would be permanent judges on the show next year:


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