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When does Take Me Out start again on ITV? Who are the flirty thirty?

Paddy McGuiness will present series 11 of the popular dating contest, which features a celebrity bodyguard, a royal marine and a special 80s-themed episode

Take Me Out
Published: Friday, 25th October 2019 at 2:11 pm

Let the thirty see the flirty. Take Me Out, the hit ITV dating show hosted by Paddy McGuinness, is set to return for an eleventh season, with thirty more hopeful singles looking for love.


The series places 30 women on lighted podiums, while a single male contestant tries to impress them. If the podium lights stay on, there is the possibility of an exotic date on the amorous isle of Fernando’s. McGuiness plays matchmaker and compère throughout, armed with a litany of catchphrases and wince-inducing puns.

This year, successful couples will be in for a twist, as the dates will be based around a single activity - chosen by the men. Contestants for the new season include a master’s student, a Royal Marine and a bodyguard who has worked for Samuel L Jackson.

McGuinness said: “It’s always great to be back for a new series, but this one in particular is going to be really special. We’ve got it all; a brilliant line-up of girls, some fantastic boys braving the love-lift and a few cheeky trips to Fernando’s.”

Find out everything you need to know below…

When is Take Me Out on TV?

Take Me Out kicks off on ITV at 7.15pm on Saturday, 26th October 2019.

There will be seven hour-long episodes, followed by two special themed editions of the programme.

Who are the flirty thirty?

This year’s roster of female candidates – known as the ‘flirty thirty’ include some pretty wild personalities. Courtney is a performing arts graduate and barmaid who believes that she has psychic abilities. Bobbi is a 30-year-old YouTuber and martial artist with four daughters.

Danni is a 23-year-old nursery teacher who loves sky-diving and eats mayonnaise straight out of the bottle.

Georgia is 22 and has been on over 1,000 dates and has over 2,000 matches on Tinder. By day, she works at an adventure park, dressing up as characters like Frozen’s Queen Elsa or Lord Voldemort. You’d think this would be exciting news for fellow contestant Myma, who has spent over £10,000 on Harry Potter memorabilia.

Take Me Out Paddy McGuinness

Jade D has been single for four years, and her last relationship was with professional rugby player Gene Ormsby. She is “turned off by arrogance and needs her future boyfriend to be a family man”. Read into that what you will.

Nikita models for Asian bridal magazines and has appeared in several Bollywood music videos.

There’s also Tammy, the 39-year-old celebrity bodyguard who has worked for Samuel L Jackson, and 21 year-old Libby, who worked as a stunt horse rider for Hollywood movies like Maleficent and Dumbo.

Who are the boys?

Coming down the love lift this season are a real variety of male prospects – including a Royal Marine, a country singer, a farmer, a pilot, a professional mountain biker and Scarlett Moffatt's ex-boyfriend Lee.

McGuiness also said: “We’ve also got one lad who has struggled to find love because he has his ex-girlfriend’s name tattooed on him. That got a bit awkward and it doesn’t do him any favours with the girls after he mentions that!

“One guy likes to pluck his eyebrows and eat them. That was weird and made me gag. So there’s plenty of weird, trust me.”

Where is the Isle of Fernando?

Fernando’s, the exotic island where the successful couples jet off to have their date, is not actually a real place. The fictional location is based in Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife.

What are the themed specials?

At the end of the series, ITV will also show two Take Me Out themed specials. The first is an ode to the 1980s.

Expect women in shoulder pads and men sporting windbreakers, plus plenty of gaudy colours, extravagant hairdos and synth-heavy pop music.

The second turns the spotlight onto emergency service employees. Firefighters, paramedics, and police officers are lined up for the opportunity to pitch woo and be airlifted out of the studio, sent straight to Fernando’s.

Does the show’s matchmaking really work?

Despite the flashy game-show façade, there is some evidence to suggest that Take Me Out’s matchmaking really does work.


The series has seen eight of its previous couples eventually get married, and there have been six babies born – the most recent born March 2019.


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