Watch Rylan react to being called Dale on Supermarket Sweep

The second series of Rylan's Supermarket Sweep reboot airs later today.

Rylan Clark-Neal and Jennie McAlpine in Supermarket Sweep

Rylan Clark-Neal may have already hosted one series of Supermarket Sweep, but that hasn’t stopped contestants confusing him with former presenter Dale Winton in the upcoming series.


In an exclusive clip of today’s season two debut, we see contestant Alison buzz in to guess which celeb’s shopping list Rylan is reading out before mistakenly answering: “Adele, Dale?”

Rylan turns to the audience in faux annoyance but then quips, “Alison, it is genuinely the biggest compliment I can ever receive so do not worry about it.”

The contest appears mortified and her mix-up as her fellow competitors get the giggles.

Another celebrity who’s shopping list Rylan reads out in today’s episode of Supermarket Sweep is that of the late Freddie Mercury.

The clues include: a white vest; a hoover; a fake moustache and a crown. However, contestant Joyce only needs to hear the first couple before buzzing in to answer correctly.

The legendary Dale presented Supermarket Sweep from 1993 until 2001 and then reprised his role at the helm in 2007.

The presenter died in 2018 at the age of 62.

In a recent interview with, Rylan shared his excitement to be back on air with the beloved game show.

“It actually means a lot [to be back],” he said. “I was very involved in trying to bring Sweep back and it was a good year before we did when I kept sort of hinting to my friends at Fremantle about Supermarket Sweep.”

“We worked really hard to bring it back and ITV said, ‘Yeah, let’s do it’. It was such a worry, especially with a show that people really love and with someone like Dale Winton in the role, it’s quite big shoes to fill.

“And on ITV2 as well – it’s a younger channel. I was a little bit worried because I’m more at home with your Doris and your Jean.”


Supermarket Sweep airs weekdays at 3pm on ITV from this afternoon, with the Celebrity specials airing later in the year. To find out what else is on in the mean time, check out our TV Guide.