Strictly Come Dancing week eight: who danced best?

Which celebrities deserved a standing ovation? And who performed "disaaaasterously" on the dance floor?

We’re in Blackpool, baby! The birthplace of ballroom – the sparkly, sequinned town of the north where all this glamour and glitz began.


But did the celebrities perform routines worthy of this hallowed ballroom? Did they Rumba to the occasion or flounder in the face of such impressive dancing history?

It’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff, the wonderful waltzing from the terrible Tangos, the fab-u-lous footwork from the complete and utter disaaaaaaasters (darling).

So, which celebrity did you give a standing ovation from your sofa? And who do you think should avoid the chop on tomorrow’s results show? Vote below…


Strictly Come Dancing continues tomorrow (Sunday) at 7:15pm on BBC1