Stevie picks Stephanie over Billie but is it all going to end in tears on Made in Chelsea?

Stevie had been taking tips from Chelsea's resident lothario Spencer Matthews during this week's episode of MIC NYC...

How things change, eh? One week Stevie (sorry, Stefan) aka Mr Nice Guy scores a win for all those fellow Nice Guys out there by stealing Billie from under Spencer’s nose. The next he’s mooning over ex-girlfriend Stephanie Pratt while poor B glances anxiously at her phone.


Sunday’s episode all started off innocently enough, with Billie no longer being “silly” and a smitten Stevie looking like the cat who’d got the cream, grinning as he declared he “wasn’t that surprised” by her decision to give roving lothario Spenny the cold shoulder. He may have been quietly confident but we weren’t the only ones surprised by Billie’s choice. Spencer was positively fuming as he announced “it’s not over”.

For a while his cocky bravado was an empty threat, but then in a cruel twist of fate – or a clever spot of TV planning – Stephanie Pratt made a surprise visit to Manhattan. Remember her? The Hills star who spent a sojourn in Chelsea last year under the auspices of a relationship with Spencer – before his cheating ways sent her into the arms of a besotted Stevie.

Stevie and Steph made quite the adorable Chelsea couple, until she departed for LA’s sunnier climes despite a gutted Stevie begging her not to go. She’s since been back on UK shores, snogging the face off Gogglebox’s George Gilbey in the Celebrity Big Brother house… but best to forget about that for now.

Because tonight marked her surprise return to the fold as she called up Lucy who broke the news to her of Stevie’s new lady friend. Poor Steph looked visibly upset as it turned out Stevie hadn’t exactly been forthcoming about his new relationship. “The things he’s been texting me are really sweet,” she informed Lucy. “‘I wish we were cuddling together watching Friends.’ He can’t do that if he’s seeing someone. I feel so dumb.”

In the blink of an eye, Lucy had switched allegiances from #TeamBillie to #TeamSteph. “She’s a good distraction because he’s been miserable,” she assured her American pal. “It’s not that serious.” Meanwhile, Stevie looked all kinds of confused when he turned up to their rendezvous and saw his ex. “I can’t stop smiling,” he declared – but Steph wasn’t going to let him get away that easily.

“Why couldn’t you just let Spencer have her?” she berated Stevie, before adding, “I’m not mad. It’s good that you’re dating someone.” Yeah, sure.

Meanwhile in the Hamptons, Billie and Binky’s girlie getaway had been gatecrashed by Spencer and Jamie who’d “forgotten” to mention their plans to Stevie and Proudlock. Once Binky had spotted a photo of Lucy and Steph together in Manhattan, Spenny had the perfect opportunity to pour poison into Billie’s ear. “When Stevie and Stephanie get back together, maybe we can go for a drink?” went down much as you might have expected…

But death stares aside, his teasing looked to be getting underneath Billie’s skin as she mused, “If he went back to her after all that and putting pressure on me, it would be a bit hypocritical.” To which smug Spen replied, “If you picked Stevie and he turned out to be the bad boy that would be interesting for me. Especially now that I fancy you more than ever.”

Back in NYC, Stevie was caught between a rock and a hard place. “We sat there and it went from happiness to anger to excitement,” he told Proudlock of Steph’s surprise visit. “I’ve never experienced anything like it.” Proudlock was another to convert to #TeamSteph – and perhaps was responsible for encouraging Stevie’s abrupt text to Billie, unsubtly enquiring what exactly was going on between them. When she took a few hours to reply he fired off the following: “I’ll take from your no reply that we’re not taking this that seriously. Fine with me but I didn’t want to be on different pages.” Uh-oh.

“Obviously you’ve got nothing to worry about,” cooed Louise. Obviously she did, because while the Hamptons crowd soaked up the rays, tonight’s episode ended with Steph and Stevie meeting for drinks and the sort of sweet nothings he should probably be saving for Billie.

“I still look at you and feel exactly the same way,” he told his ex who clearly had far more of a conscience and informed him his fledgling romance with Billie meant they couldn’t hang out anymore. “But she’s not you,” gushed Stevie. “If I got a knock on my door and didn’t know who it was, if there was one girl I wanted to come through the door it would be you.”

What happened next, we’re not quite sure. But one minute Steph and Stevie were chatting, the next they were embracing. And thanks to next week’s trail, we know he’s planning on “calling things off with Billie”. But is his reignited romance with Steph the right path? Or will it all end in tears? And – most importantly – has lovely Stevie done the unthinkable and become the new Spenny? We’ll have to wait till next week’s MIC NYC finale to find out…


Made in Chelsea NYC concludes next Sunday at 9:00pm on E4