Stephen Mulhern hints at a celebrity version of In For A Penny as series returns

Stephen would love to see his celeb pals on the show!

In For A Penny

Stephen Mulhern is back for another series of ITV’s In For A Penny, letting loose in towns and cities across the UK, as he challenges the Great British public to take part in hilariously silly games in the popular ‘on the street’ gameshow.


And although the series hasn’t started yet, it sounds like the presenter is already thinking about a celebrity version of the show.

Speaking to press including, he said: “I think Check It Out would be a good tell, tell game to play on celebrities. In the game we line up items from a shopping trolley and all you have to do is guess if the item is higher or lower in price than the previous item.”

He added: “We’d be able to find out if celebrities really know their stuff or live in celeb land!”

The new series will kick off on Saturday 28th, with some of our fave games, including You Are What You Eat and the famous stop-watch game.

But there’ll also be some new additions, such as Celebrity Drive Who and Cross Dressing – which is based on an item Stephen used in his stage show, and sees couples changing into each other clothes.

He continued: “Some of my favourite moments from this series are from a new game we have called Cross Dressing. We get a couple of people whether that’s a boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, mother and daughter, any sort of partnership, who head into a dressing room and have just 60 seconds to swap clothes.

“We have cameras in the dressing rooms capturing all of the action, which they were all aware of before filming.  The cameras allow you to see everything, from start to finish and the things you see will make your eyes water!”

Stephen Mulhern, In For a Penny (ITV)

Recalling a moment where the game went hilariously wrong during filming, he said: “We had a mum and daughter head into the changing rooms and start swapping clothes.  I’ve never seen someone take their clothes off so fast, the mum was like lighting getting the clothes off but its wasn’t as easy getting her daughter’s clothes back on!”

And that’s not the only struggle the presenter had this series.

Stephen says he was close to rethinking the name of the show, due to hardly anyone carrying cash these days.

“Honestly, it’s the one thing that plays on my mind, we’d have to come up with a new catchy title, as In For A Penny, In for a Grand really works.  I’m not sure ‘Tap Your Contactless and Win a Grand’ has the same ring to it!”


In For A Penny airs on March 28th at 8pm, straight after Saturday Night Takeaway on ITV. If you’re looking for more to watch check out our TV guide.