Spencer Matthews is out to ruin Jamie Laing and Lucy Watson’s romance on Made in Chelsea

After Binky informs Spencer that Lucy picked him over Jamie, he worms his way back into her life and looks set to course trouble on the group's South Africa trip

Spencer Matthews does love to get in the way of his best mate Jamie Laing’s fledgling romances. You’d think Jamie would have learned after Spenny stole new girlfriend Louise Thompson from under his nose. You’d think Spencer would have learned from nearly losing his best pal’s friendship. But judging by the events of tonight, neither have taken the lesson board…


Jamie’s flirtations with Spencer’s ex, Lucy Watson, have been heating up nicely for the last few weeks, although Lucy claims she can’t trust her diligent suitor after his past misdemeanours. But all seemed to be going swimmingly until she admitted to Binky that given a choice between Jamie and Spencer, her preference would begin with an S. Hmmm… cryptic. And why do all the ladies of Chelsea repeatedly fall for the charms of Mr Matthews? Answers on the back of a postcard. 

It was only a matter of time before someone further inflated Spencer’s ego with the news. His response to Binky’s revelation? A contemplative stare. “This relationship can be salvaged,” cooed Binky. Stoppit Binky. 

Meanwhile, Andy was on the warpath after Spencer’s confession he’d slept with Louise. “He’s not a good friend,” he said to Jamie, attempting to drill in what we all know. Of course, it didn’t seem to register, with Jamie choosing to remain blissfully unaware as he planned a trip to South Africa with his boiiii and current squeeze. 

But while his excitable little pal made travel plans, Spencer was up to his usual tricks, paying Lucy a visit at the hairdressers to inform her from now on he is all about “no drinking and honesty. I’m trying to be a better person.” How long d’you reckon the latest attempt will last?

He continued… “I thought I was completely over it but the fact is when I see you and spend time with you it is hard because that’s not the case.” Oh dear, oh dear, although you can always rely on Miss Watson for a good comeback: “I don’t intend to become friends with people who f**k me over.” Touché. 

But much to our chagrin, it looks like all is not well in South African paradise during next week’s episode as Spencer announces he’s really not thinking of Jamie when it comes to Lucy. That’s how good friends behave, right? And the final shot of next week’s trail sees Spencer ordering Lucy to pick between the two. Don’t do anything silly, now, Luce. 

Made in Chelsea continues next Monday at 10:00pm on E4