Spencer Matthews ‘dislocates shoulder’ on The Jump

The Made in Chelsea star is the latest to suffer an injury on the Austrian slopes


Spencer Matthews is the latest celebrity to suffer an injury on the slopes of The Jump this year, following the injured knee of Vogue Williams and the fractured leg of Sir Bradley Wiggins that forced both out of the competition.


The Made in Chelsea star crashed into ski nets and tumbled over the snow during a rehearsal run, yelling in pain and apparently dislocating his shoulder before it popped back into place.

“I dislocated my shoulder… My shoulder popped clean out,” Spencer said after the accident (via Telegraph). “It’s gone back in though.”

He added: “Those nets work. I always look at the red nets and I’m like they’re mental they’re never going to stop anyone…

“If that wasn’t there I’d be in the snow cross course.”

RadioTimes.com has confirmed the events with Channel 4.

Later, Spencer revealed on his twitter account that his brush with danger didn’t mean he’d be leaving the contest, assuring fans that he still had some jumping left in him.

Previously Spencer had laughed off the risk of injury on The Jump, telling reporters that he was “not particularly worried about the injury factor” despite the series’ infamous high rate of accidents.

“If you go skiing or snowboarding with friends, there’s just as much chance of getting injured,” he said at the time.

“Just because lots of people got injured last year, it shouldn’t make any difference to our competition this year.”

We don’t doubt he’s right – though with a bad shoulder, he might struggle to shrug off the risks quite so casually in future.


The Jump continues on Channel 4 on Sundays at 7.30pm