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Spencer Matthews denies there are royal restrictions on his reality show appearances

Previous reports had suggested that his brother’s marriage to Pippa Middleton would limit his involvement in certain TV series

Published: Sunday, 5th February 2017 at 7:19 pm

Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews has denied that he’s under royal restrictions following his brother James’ marriage to Pippa Middleton, sister of Duchess of Cambridge (and presumed future Queen) Kate Middleton.


Rumours had suggested that the 27-year-old reality star had been prohibited by the royals from appearing in certain reality TV series since leaving e4’s Made in Chelsea last year – but now Matthews (who is appearing in Channel 4’s winter sports contest The Jump) has denied that he’s under any such restrictions.

"I can't be because I'm here aren't I?” Matthews told and other journalists while training for The Jump in Austria. “No, it's a reality show, so obviously it’s not true. It can't be.

"That was a strange rumour and I find it odd.”

Later, Matthews also criticised press coverage of his life in general, describing most of the coverage around him and other celebrities to be “rubbish” and suggesting that journalists could find more important things to write about.

“I personally believe that people print false information on a daily basis, that’s how the world goes round,” he said.

“In particular with celebrity life, like I’m calling myself a celebrity, but most of the stuff written about me is just rubbish. To be honest.

“It sells stories! If there was a better quality of journalist in the world who reported real stories that were real, and had an impact on people, that would be ideal. But at the moment, most people are just obsessed with nonsense.”

Oh dear - sounds like he'd rather they take a running jump (sorry).


The Jump begins on Channel 4 tonight (Sunday 5th February) at 7.30pm


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