Some viewers just COULD NOT get their heads round ITV’s This Time Next Year

"I'm honestly baffled..." "I'm so confused..." It's fair to say, the clever ITV show really blew some minds


ITV’s This Time Next Year: members of the public meet Davina McCall in the studio to share the dreams they’re desperate to achieve over the next 12 months – lose ten stone, fall in love, become a competitive body builder, it’s all there…


They enter and exit by one door on the stage, then reappear by another a whole year later. It’s a really clever concept, that does perhaps take a moment to get your head around…

But then you realise that, yes, each person has been filmed at both the start and end of the year and the footage has been spliced together.

Well, most people realise that. Try as they might, some just… Can’t. Quite. Get it.


Give them a chance – they’ll have worked it out by this time next year…