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So, Paul Rudd is a massive fan of Antiques Roadshow

Who'da thought it?

Published: Saturday, 16th April 2016 at 10:01 am

In the same week that brought us news of Meryl Streep's addiction to Homes Under the Hammer, another Hollywood star has revealed an unlikely affection for British factual entertainment.


Paul Rudd – the man behind Ant-Man – has named his top TV series and we must admit, it's taken us rather by surprise.

"My favourite television show is Antiques Roadshow," he revealed to Vulture, adding, "some people may consider that nerdy."

Nerdy? Never. The Fiona Bruce-fronted BBC series is a bastion of the Sunday schedules, valuing historical items belonging to the public in the backdrop of majestic manor houses up and down the country. What's not to love?

Although Rudd did admit that he places more value on the US edition presented by Mark L. Wahlberg (not to be confused with actor Mark Wahlberg.) "I like the original British one, but I actually prefer the American version." Pah.

"I like learning about all of these things that people own; learning about different kinds of furniture and pottery and antiques. The appraisals are super interesting! I like seeing what people bring and I like hearing about what people discover in their attic and what things have been passed down in people's families. I'm fascinated by historical memorabilia, so I tend to like that show."

And like any regular Antiques Roadshow viewer, he appreciates the jeopardy involved...

"Even more so when [the sellers] get really excited about what it is. Not even the value, but they think they have something that's very special and they love it for all of the right reasons, and it's a fake. It's heartbreaking!"


Indeed it is, Paul. Indeed it is.


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