Sir Tom Jones will be supported by The Voice UK finalists Into the Ark on his tour

The veteran hitmaker and coach exclusively told that they will perform some shows together


Sir Tom Jones has revealed that The Voice UK finalists Into the Ark will be supporting him on several of his tour dates.


The Welsh duo, Taylor and Dane, are the last act standing on Team Tom before this weekend’s final. But even if they don’t win the competition, it looks like they have something very exciting to look forward to.

“We’re going to do some shows together,” Sir Tom told “I can’t tell you [which ones] yet. It’s a tour that I’m going on and the boys are coming with me and are going to do some shows… But I’m not going to tell you where!”

Into the Ark met six years ago at a local charity gig at a rugby club. When they got talking, they realised they were into the same music. Taylor explained: “He asked me to go busking with him in Cardiff. We went down and made about £300 for a few hours. We thought ‘hello there’s something going on here’.”


Now, they’re down to the final four acts alongside Michelle John, Mo Adeniran and Jamie Miller. The winner will be revealed during The Voice UK’s results show at 7pm on Sunday 2nd April.