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Simpsons boss spots glaring continuity error on his own show


The Simpsons (Fox)
Published: Thursday, 6th September 2018 at 10:33 am

Eagle-eyed TV viewers are usually the first people to spot errors in their favourite TV shows but Simpsons executive producer Matt Selman has done their job for them, spotting a glaring continuity error in an old episode of his own show.


While watching season 6 episode, And Maggie Makes Three (that’s the one where everyone wonders why there are no baby pictures of Maggie in the house and Homer takes us on a journey to the past to explain why), Selman spotted something very odd indeed.

In the scene where Marge tells Homer she’s pregnant with their third child (that’s at about the 19 minutes and 42 seconds mark) there’s a pretty amusing photo of that very child hanging in the background.

Yup, it seems that little Maggie is already present and watching her father learn of her existence. Does she have a secret Tardis or something?

“Canon is is ruins,” (sic) executive producer and writer Al Jean wrote, while fans joked that somebody would have to be fired for the blunder.

“I hope you’re happy,” Jean replied, “because we just fired SEVENTEEN people for that blunder. Fired. Through. Done.”

However, there is a possibility that nobody needs to be fired at all because – as one fan pointed out – there’s a chance that the baby in the photo isn’t actually Maggie.

Fans of the show will be well aware that Lisa and Maggie look rather alike, so isn’t there a chance that the baby in the photo is actually Lisa? And that Maggie just wears hand me downs?


Just sayin'.


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