Simon Cowell’s Got Talent for devising TV formats… but not always for remembering which is which

The media mogul says he's going to "stick to being a judge" after he named the Italia's Got Talent winner the X Factor champ live on air

Britain’s Got Talent judge and creator Simon Cowell hopped over to the Italian version of the show last night to announce this year’s winner. But, well, he got it just a tad wrong, naming the Italia’s Got Talent winner as the winner of The X Factor.



Oh dear. And he’d thought not being able to speak Italian was going to be the problem…

Luckily he maintained a sense of humour. 

And his fans did point out that he at least got the winner’s name right:

But Cowell says from now on, he’ll be sticking to the day job…

Probably for the best. 


Britain’s Got Talent continues this Saturday at 8:00pm on ITV