See trainee librarians totally freak out when fake knights attack

New staff in a London library were pranked by men dressed as knights and they responded beautifully...

Three trainee librarians got the shock of their lives when, minutes into their first ever shift, books suddenly started flying off shelves, flaming arrows were fired and two knights started having a sword-fight in front of them.


So new he doesn’t even know whose name to call, one lad whimpers, “Excuse me, there’s a knight here…”

The prank – which was caught on hidden cameras – was to promote tonight’s launch of The Librarians on Syfy, a spin-off of the TV films of the same name. It follows an ancient organisation hidden beneath the New York Metropolitan Public Library who protect an unknowing world from the secret magical reality all around.

But before we see the experts get to it, here’s the moment the trainees were tricked, throwing that ‘silence in libraries’ rule right out of the window…

See The Librarians tonight at 8:00pm on Syfy