See Disney go so right and so wrong on Britain’s Got Talent

Here's a hint: don't ruin one of the judge's favourite songs

It’s a well known fact Amanda Holden adores Disney’s smash-hit Frozen. During the London auditions she entered the Dominion Theatre to the tune of its Oscar-winning song Let It Go, which she says she sings every day with her daughters. So this is the judge you need to impress if you tackle Disney on the Britain’s Got Talent stage.


In a sneak-peek of this weekend’s show, four-piece girl band Misstasia get it spot on. Amanda knows they’re going to sing The Little Mermaid’s Part Of Your World from basically the first note. Here is a face of can’t-quite-keep-it-in excitement:

In fact, all of the judges seem pretty impressed.

This, on the other hand, is the face of someone whose favourite song in the whole entire world is being completely ruined. RUINED.

Best not to turn Let It Go into a rock song with barely audible vocals…


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