Rylan’s new game show: swimming against a current while carrying bags of rocks

The Wave invites to contestants to battle ocean currents while carrying bags of pebbles


Presenter Rylan Clark-Neal has just nabbed himself a new TV project on UKTV channel W – a game show that even Japanese commissioners would consider a “tad out there, mate”. Called The Wave, it will send players out into the ocean to pick up bags of pebbles or cash, before battling the current to get back to shore.


Contestants braving the seas off the Portuguese coast will have to swim to a series of pontoons, with a question waiting on each. Get the question right and they’ll be handed a cash prize. Get it wrong: a bag of shingle for them.

But even if they win the cash, they’ll then have to make it back to shore within a set time or forfeit their winnings. So, on one hand, you could enjoy a handsome payout in a Portuguese paradise. On the other: death by drowning. It’s an original concept, we’ll give it that.

Rylan said of the new show: “It’s sunny, it’s sexy and it’s funny. What more could you want?”

A pair of armbands, maybe?


The Wave will air this November on W