Roman Kemp on lockdown filming rules: “They’re absolutely ridiculous!”

The DJ and his Spandau Ballet dad Martin Kemp spoke to about filming during lockdown.

Roman Kemp

While many in the UK have been separated from their parents, family and friends for the last 13 weeks of lockdown, fortunately that hasn’t been the case for Spandau Ballet’s Martin Kemp and his Capital Radio DJ son Roman who film Celebrity Gogglebox and ITV chat show Sunday Best together each week.


However, speaking to, Roman has said that while he’s lucky for being able to see his parents during this time, the lockdown rules are “ridiculous” and unclear.

“We’ve been able to see each other where it’s allowed us to. It’s very odd because there’s that whole rule if you can’t work from home, then you can go to work but you have to keep two metres apart, but then if it’s with parents– we’re just as confused as everyone else,” he said.

“We’re very lucky with the fact that we’ve had work opportunities because it’s meant that we’ve been legally allowed to see each other, which is very strange.”

Martin Kemp and Roman Kemp on Celebrity Gogglebox
Martin Kemp and Roman Kemp on Celebrity Gogglebox
Channel 4

On the topic of filming for Celebrity Gogglebox, which sees the father-son duo share a sofa to watch TV, Roman said that the pair are able to socially distance legally.

“I’m half inside the house and half out of it because it’s like a conservatory type thing and we stay two metres apart so it’s all very strange,” he said.

“To be perfectly honest, [the lockdown rules] don’t make sense,” he added. “They’re absolutely ridiculous, it is ridiculous. We are just as confused as you are, as everyone is.”

“It’s all confusing but there are people who are in such bad positions and we’re so lucky to say that we can see each other at all.”

Celebrity Gogglebox, which airs every Friday night, has given the Kemps all sorts of shows to watch in lockdown, including Channel 4’s post-watershed dating show Naked Attraction – but its those programmes that the pair enjoy the most.

“I think what’s quite funny is that people watching the show like to see us watching the sex shows because an average family would potentially find it a little bit awkward to watch a sex show with their parents, but I think that my family, we’re just kind of all friends, so we don’t really see the awkwardness – if anything it’s funny,” Roman said.

Martin added: “They’re the funniest because you can’t work out how people would ever want to go on those shows. Who wants to get their kit off on television and have your private parts taken the mickey out of?”


Celebrity Gogglebox airs Friday nights at 9pm on Channel 4, while Sunday Best airs at 8.30am every Sunday.