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Robbie Savage, Suzi Perry and the Brownlee brothers join Robot Wars: Battle of the Stars line-up

Contestants are looking forward to crushing their opponents into a “festive pulp”

Published: Friday, 2nd December 2016 at 2:14 pm

Following the announcement that Scott Mills and Chris Stark will be entering the battle arena for the Robot Wars Christmas special, the rest of the celebrity guests have now been revealed.


The Brownlee brothers, Robbie Savage and Suzi Perry are amongst the celebs set to appear on Robot Wars: Battle of the Stars, which will see the star-studded teams compete with the help of an experienced roboteer.

The first episode will see olympians Jonathan and Alistair Brownlee mentored by Gabriel Stroud from Team Sabretooth, Space scientist Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock with Shane Swan from Team Dantonkia, TV presenter Suzi Perry with Suren Balendran from Team Supernova, and completing this line-up are Radio 1 presenters Scott Mills and Chris Stark, who together with mentor and series one runner-up Dave Moulds from Team Carbide, hope to win the Robot Wars Trophy.


Kadeena Cox

In the second festive special, Welsh football pundit and former player Robbie Savage will be joined by mentor Jason Marston from Team Thor. Also in battle will be singer Jordan Stephens and John Reid from team Terrorhurtz, presenter Neil Oliver with mentor Will Thomas from Team Shockwave, and Paralympian Kadeena Cox with Ellis Ware from Team Pulsar.


Suzi Perry

Robbie Savage said he’s excited to “experience the fights first hand”, while Neil Oliver joked that he’s looking forward to crushing his competition into a “festive pulp”.

Jonathan and Alistair Brownlee also said that being on Robot Wars is “fulfilling a childhood dream” and that it would “be a nice change working as a team rather than competing against each other”.


Robot Wars: Battle of the Stars will air on BBC2 on 28th and 29th December at 8pm


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