Rita Ora’s X Factor Six Chair Challenge swaps explained in one picture

This is how tonight's brutal game of musical chairs played out on The X Factor 2015

X Factor went all musical chairs on us tonight as the Six Chair Challenge kicked off. It’s the part of the competition where the remaining singers in each category sing for one of six seats. A seat grants them a place in the next round: Judges’ Houses. But it’s not quite that straightforward, with the category mentor able to swap singers in and out of the chairs until everyone has sung. 


It’s a manic process, with singers hopping off and on the egg cup-shaped chairs all night. So, here’s a pictorial guide to who was swapped out and who was left sitting as Rita Ora set about cutting sixteen girls down to six:

Those at the top of the picture are Rita’s final six: Kiera Weathers, Louisa Johnson, Monica Michael, Lauren Murray, Chloe Paige and Havva Rebke. 

Those at the bottom were swapped out along the way: Karen Mav for Kiera, Chloe Baker for Louisa, Sharon Rose for Lucy Duffield – who in turn was swapped out for Lauren – and finally Charli Beard for Havva. Yep, it’s easier just looking at the picture. 

Along the way some singers weren’t even granted a seat, with (left to right) Katie Coleman, Kelly Mai Webb and Sophie Plumb given a no by Ms Ora; Sophie was a notably tough call, with the judges – particularly Simon – saying how much they’d enjoyed having her in the competition. 

Two singers weren’t actually shown during tonight’s episode: Jasmine Leigh Morris and Caitlyn Vanbeck (the latter we were never introduced to), with a spokesperson telling RadioTimes.com it was due to time restraints.

Add in Rita saying she felt sick, the crowd booing, Cowell winding his fellow judge up by telling her to make a decision and you were all but in the audience yelling, too. 


The X Factor Six Chair Challenge continues next Sunday at 7:00pm on ITV