Ricky Gervais teaches brilliant acting masterclasses on Twitter

Of course some of them are filmed while he's in the bath

Ricky Gervais has found yet another way to entertain us from his bath: acting masterclasses. 


I know, what more can this man give?

Mid soak, Mr Gervais has put the toothless selfies to one side and started sharing helpful tips on how to perform a few common reactions. Reacting, as Joey from Friends taught us, does not mean acting again. Oh no, it’s far more nuanced than that.

First up in Gervais’s acting 101: unexpectedly seeing an old pal in a bar

It’s like we’re in the bar, right? Well, he is a comedian, actor and director. Total font of knowledge.

Next up: receiving bad news


Keep them coming Gervais; I can almost smell my Oscar.