Remember when David Tennant was on Ready, Steady, Cook?

After taking up the role of the Doctor, Tennant took to the green pepper side of the kitchen armed with chicken, chorizo and some Scottish cheddar

With chef Ainsley Harriott about to spice up Strictly Come Dancing, I found myself trawling through YouTube clips of Ready, Steady, Cook (I know, the glamorous life I lead) only to find a certain David Tennant wrapped up in a green pepper apron. 


Oh yes, back in 2005 a wonderfully charming David Tennant took a break from his brand new role as the Doctor to cook up a storm with some rice and Scottish cheddar. Not only that, over on the red tomato team was his dad Alexander McDonald. 

Tennant overspent by £0.06 on his ingredients, the big spender. And while he struggled with his goujons he had to to listen to Harriott’s eager Dalek impressions while his dad shared childhood stories. Although he was relieved to find this didn’t go back as far as nappy stories. Check out clips of the show below… 

Tennant dishes up his ingredients

Daddy Tennant starts telling stories

Tennant gets down to the business of squeezing his goujons 


Before the final decision is made…