Relive Filipino girl band 4th Power’s jaw-dropping X Factor audition

Shy and retiring? Not these sassy sisters who earned the “four biggest yeses we’ve ever given” from the judges

Filipino girl band 4th Power caused quite the stir on X Factor’s opening show earning the “four biggest yeses we’ve ever given” from the judges.


The four sisters – Mylene, Celina, Irene and Almira Cercado – came out rather shy, giggly at the mere prospect of being on the Wembley stage.Then Jessie J track Bang Bang started booming out and wowza, out came some seriously sassy moves and some killer vocals to go with them.

The judges were stunned, the crowd were stunned, co-hosts Olly Murs and Caroline Flack looked dazed at their mum as if, ‘Why didn’t you tell us?!’

Relive the moment here as they zoom straight into this year’s Bootcamp stage…


The X Factor continues tonight at 8:00pm on ITV