Young Apprentice 2012: Meet Lucy Beauvallet

"There's a fine line between staying in control and being bossy. Sometimes I fall under the bossy category"

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Name: Lucy Beauvallet


Age: 16

Lives: East Sussex

Education: Currently studying for A Levels in French, Economics, Maths, English and Philosophy

About: Paris-born Lucy not only enjoys organising events and projects, she also channels her passion for baking into the running of her own cake business.

As well as being bilingual, Lucy is a fan of physical fitness and keeps in trim by running, trampolining and playing tennis. She admires the founders of the Innocent Smoothie company for having had the courage to trust their instincts and go against the grain in business.


With her sights set on studying law and becoming a successful businesswoman, Lucy says: “I’m not into backstabbing, I’m not into playing games at all. I know I’m good.”