Louis Walsh is back on the X Factor.


Didn't know he was leaving? No, he wasn't sure about it either. First he was happy to be going, then he was having so much fun he might stay, then Simon Cowell wanted him back but Cheryl Cole didn't. And now... he's officially secured that spot on the judging panel once again.

That's 11 years in a row, people. He's as much a symbol of X Factor as the X itself.

“I knew I was doing the show but I just signed the deal and I’m very happy with it. At my age you have to keep working!" Walsh said on the Colm Hayes show on 2FM.

Walsh alluded to the fourth and final seat – which is yet to be filled – saying he thinks it could go to former Spice Girl Mel B or Britain's Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon, although he added, "I'd love it to be Sharon Osbourne."

It won't be long until we find out if his wonderings are right, as the in-room auditions kick off in the next few weeks.

But while we wait, let's celebrate having Louis back. Because after all, Louis being back means...

We'll get the classic yelling from Louis that you must vote for his act if you've lived, breathed, ever visited or even heard of the same area as where they're from. Even nearby. NEARBY WILL DO...

Louis will make sure we know who the next pop star is going to be and who each act is a young version of.

We'll get some funky shades at Judges' Houses stage

Probably a roll neck in the live rounds, too

We hope upon hope we'll see another pair of these tartan bad boys

We're bound to get a few 'Walshy Weeps'

And we're really hoping someone will declare their love for Louis so they do this again


The X Factor returns later this year on ITV