Who left The Great British Bake Off tonight?

This unlucky baker just couldn't rise to the occasion for Bread Week

Great British Bake Off 2020

The baking continued on The Great British Bake Off tonight (Tuesday 6th October), as the remaining 10 contestants stepped into the tent once again.


This week, the Great British Bake Off contestants had to prove they had what it takes as Bread Week commenced.

And as the saying goes, bread always falls on the buttered side, and it certainly did for some of the contestants.

So, who couldn’t rise to the occasion this week?

Here’s who left the Channel 4 show this week.

Who left The Great British Bake Off in week 3?

Bread Week started off on a good note, with most contestants acing the Signature Challenge.

For the Signature, the bakers were asked to make two soda bread loafs – one sweet, one savoury.

Mark managed to pull of both his bakes, while Hermine was the standout baker, receiving a Hollywood Handshake for her salmon and cheese savoury bread.

“I love the fact I’ve never had them,” Paul gushed as Matt Lucas joked she’d invented a bread.

Unfortunately, the Technical Challenge didn’t pan out the same for Hermine. Although she didn’t come last (that was Rowan), Prue commented that her bakes weren’t very attractive.

Rowan had much to worry about going into the Showstopper Challenge. Paul commented that using polenta in his soda bread was a “mistake” and he lost the Technical, so he had to pull out all the stops for the final challenge opting for the biggest sculpture.

Great British Bake Off 2020 contestant Rowan
Great British Bake Off 2020 contestant Rowan
Channel 4

Watching from afar, Prue and Paul worried he would’t be able to pull it off. Nevertheless, Rowan insisted he was on schedule.

Although Rowan managed to deliver with his design this time, Paul said he’d gone for “all style” rather than taste.

Similarly, Dave had entered troubled waters and appeared to be slipping after winning Star Baker the week before.

The armoured guard just couldn’t get his flavours right in the Signature Challenge and his rainbow coloured bagels weren’t great either.

Elsewhere, Linda struggled to get her Tiger Bread right.

In the end, The Great British Bake Off judges and hosts came to the decision and decided to send Rowan home.

We guess Rowan won’t be breaking bread with the Bake Off crew anytime soon! He’ll be missed.


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