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Who is Winston McKenzie? Celebrity Big Brother 2016 contestant guide

The boxer-turned-politician is preparing for a public vote of a different kind

Published: Wednesday, 13th January 2016 at 5:00 pm

Name: Winston McKenzie


Age: 62

Twitter: @WinstonMcK

Famous, why? A politician who has joined every major political party in the UK – but who has never won an election


He was once a professional boxer, but now Winston McKenzie prefers a good political punch-up. How will he handle a very different public vote in the Celebrity Big Brother house?

McKenzie is currently running for London mayor for fringe nationalist party the English Democrats, after quitting Ukip in December.

The politician has in the past been a member of Labour, the Lib Dems, the Conservatives and Veritas, not to mention his own party Unity.

He campaigned for Ukip in Croydon North during the 2015 general election, but left the party later that year after claiming he had been the victim of "racial discrimination".

He's now running for London mayor, despite calling the place a "dump" on the BBC's Daily Politics recently.

"If I was mayor of London tomorrow I would have the streets washed with water canon. The whole town needs an enema," he said.

Here he is defending DJ Mike Read's 'Calypso' Ukip song


And telling Andrew Neil that London is a "dump"


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