His name is Rodrigo Alves, but you probably know the Celebrity Big Brother star as the Human Ken Doll, the Brazilian-born British man who was dubbed the real-life version of Barbie’s partner after his extensive plastic surgery.

He has reportedly spent more than £508,000 on over 60 procedures, including having four ribs removed to help his blazers fit better.

The former air attendant has said his search for the perfect body started in his teenage years after he was bullied for his physical appearance. Speaking on This Morning in 2017, Alves said that he was born in the “wrong body” and never set out to look like a Ken doll.

As of January this year, Alves claimed he was “done” with plastic surgery, “unless I need something done for medical procedures”.

He has appeared on 80 TV shows, including reality and documentary shows in 38 countries.

Rodrigo Alves: key facts

Age: 35

Twitter: @RodrigoUHNWs

Instagram: rodrigoalvesuk