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Who is Made in Chelsea star Charlie Mills?

The new man on the block is a former model and banking heir who isn’t afraid of having drinks thrown in his face

Published: Monday, 9th October 2017 at 11:56 am

Lock up your daughters, SW3, for a slab of self-proclaimed “fresh meat” is descending on Chelsea and he goes by the name of Charlie Mills.


A former model and banking heir, Charlie has been introduced to Made in Chelsea by his old pal Julius Cowdrey.

We had a chat with Charlie about his MIC debut and what’s in store for him – here’s what we learnt…

His parents had some conditions for him joining the show. “My mum had some rules like, ‘Don't be a dick. Don't change yourself.’

“But I’m genuinely quite a nice person anyway.”

Guessing that means there aren’t any drinks thrown at him or by him in this series? “Not yet. But I actually think I'd quite like it.”

Charlie’s not nervous about trolls. “I’ve got quite a thick skin, anyway. It's never really bothered me seeing what people say about me. I’ve been brought up being told, “You are who you are. Be who you are.”

But there is one thing – or person – that grinds his gears. “Harry Baron would make me angry. I’m a good angry, I laugh like, ‘Hahaha don't piss me off.’ I giggle.”

His biggest indulgence is a pair of green crocodile loafers from Hermes. “They're beautiful.

“I’m not going to tell you how much they were, they were made for me specifically, they were disgustingly expensive.

“I'll never spend anything like that again. They definitely weren't worth it. They're a pair of shoes.

“I was really drunk one night and I wore them to the garage to buy more wine.”

Charlie reckons the next MIC spin-off series should be a skiing holiday. “I really want to do St Moritz or Courchevel. I’m not going to Verbier.

“I've suggested skiing. I love skiing. Everyone skis. Little pardy at the Folie Douce! Yeeeaahh!

“So much fun. On the table. I love it.”

He has a love interest on MIC. “Yes. Harry Baron. Just kidding! There is a girl, but you’ll have to wait and see.”


Made in Chelsea returns on Monday 9th October at 9pm on E4


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