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Who is Kieran Lee? Big Brother 2017 housemate profile

The 25-year-old 'honey trapper' works for a private detective agency – and his boss is also in the Big Brother house...

Published: Monday, 26th June 2017 at 8:14 pm

Big Brother 2017 housemates: Kieran Lee


Age: 25

Instagram: @kieranlee

What does Kieran do for a living? The 25-year-old from Lancashire is a CCTV Installation Engineer – although on the side he works as a 'honey trapper' for a private detective agency run by fellow housemate Rebecca Jane.

That means he helps Rebecca investigate cheating partners by posing as an attractive guy who's looking for love. Do the targets fall for it? That depends what you think of the bait...

Has Kieran been on TV before? Yep, Kieran featured on series four of MTV's reality show Ex on the Beach. Given he works for a detective agency, he hasn't exactly been keeping a low profile...

Is Kieran single? Yep, and claims the female housemates will be 'fighting over him'. That's if boss Rebecca lets him off the leash of course...


Why does Kieran want to be on Big Brother? From trapper to trapped, Kieran's keen to see how he'll react to being locked up with nowhere to run: “I want to see how I’ll cope in an environment where I’m trapped and have no control over what I do or where I go”.


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