Who is Jessica Cunningham? The Apprentice 2016 candidate guide

"There is no competition if you're already winning,” says the fashionista and PR guru


The Apprentice 2016 contestants: Jessica Cunningham

Age: 29


Occupation: Online Fashion Entrepreneur

Lives: Derbyshire


Follow on Twitter: @TheProdigalFox

She says: “A motto I live by is: there is no competition if you’re already winning.”

Not content with running her own online fashion company, Jessica is also the Operations Director for a PR and marketing agency. She believes her positive helpful attitude will propel her through the tasks, and says she wants to get close to the other candidates to find out how they operate, analyse their strengths and weaknesses and attempt to use them to her advantage.

Despite apparently being a very capable business person, Jessica is definitely up for “a laugh”. She describes herself as a female Jim Carrey, and throughout the process her unconventional business style and sense of humour has divided viewers and her fellow candidates.

Sure, she’s great at pitching and a real one-off – but can her business plan for a new clothing business impress Lord Sugar and his interviewers?