Who is Jasmine Waltz? Celebrity Big Brother 2017 profile

Everything you need to know about the model, actor and former Big Brother contestant


Celebrity Big Brother 2017 housemates: Jasmine Waltz


Age: 34

Twitter: @jazzywaltz Instagram: @jasminewaltz

From: Los Angeles

What is Jasmine Waltz famous for?

Jasmine might have appeared in films and TV shows such as Pledge This and Rules of Engagement, but it’s the men she’s dated who have really made her name. Waltz counts Ryan Seacrest, Jesse McCartney, Chris Pine and a then-married David Arquette among her exes. Oh, and Lee Ryan.

Who is Jasmine Waltz?

Jasmine initially got into modelling while studying University Performing Arts. After graduating she appeared in several commercials and TV shows like Rules of Engagement.

Jasmine has also appeared in Bad Boys II as a Video Store Customer, as well as Paris Hilton movie Pledge This! – a film with a current IMDB ranking of 1.9, the sixth lowest score ever on the site.

Apart from that, she’s made a career from, um, being on Celebrity Big Brother in 2014. Speaking of which…

Most memorable CBB moment

From snogging N-Dubz’s Dappy (the one always wearing a Dappy hat), to getting a bit, um, steamy with former Apprentice star Luisa Zissman in the hot tub, Jasmine was best known for starting up a relationship with Blue singer Lee Ryan.

However, after she was evicted from the house on day 13, Lee got a bit cosy with fellow housemate and British glamour model Casey Batchelor. On national TV. TV that Jasmine could see. That made things very interesting when she returned to the house to confront Lee and Casey on day 23.

It. Was. Brilliant.

Be a shame if she happened to kick up the same amount of drama this year. Right?


Surprisingly, the two had a relationship outside the Big Brother house. One that lasted for two months, albeit, but still.