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Who is Dom Lever? The Love Island contestant wants you to know he's not just a pretty face

Even though he's good looking he's got the chat to back it up, okay?

Published: Thursday, 29th June 2017 at 7:55 pm

Love Island 2017 contestants: Dominic Lever


Age: 26

Instagram: domlever

Occupation: Careers advisor

From: Manchester

Dom wants you to know, in case you were jumping to conclusions, that he's not just a pretty face: "I've got the chat as well," he says. "Good looking people tend to be absolute melts but I've got good chat to back it up."

So what kind of things does he like to talk about? Literally anything. It's amazing. "The thing about me is, I can chat about anything! People have asked me before, 'What's your best chat-up line?' but I don't even have chat-up lines. I can talk about anything."


But come on, specifically, what can I expect Dom to say on a date? "I'm definitely not modest! They call me vain, and I do love myself a bit. I play on it, though. I'll go, 'I'm good looking me, aren't I? Aren't you lucky to be with me?’"

Apart from cracking hilarious jokes, what else does Dom like getting up to on dates? "I like fun stuff like trampolining or bowling or just random stuff. It's like an ice-breaker. It can't be awkward if you're doing something fun like that, can it? There's no cool way to trampoline! You're on your back half the time, giggling."


Can you guess what Dom's worst nightmare in the Love Island villa would be? "Someone who's got no chat."


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