Who is Chloe Khan? Celebrity Big Brother 2016 contestant guide

The X Factor reject and glamour model formerly known as Chloe Mafia is preparing for her close-up


Name: Chloe Khan, formally known as Chloe Mafia or Chloe Victoria


Age: 25

Twitter: @chloekhanxxx

Famous, for? Being one of X Factor’s most controversial contestants

Bio: Chloe found fame on the 2010 series of The X Factor, where she quickly became one of the show’s most controversial contestants. Her signing was overshadowed by her dodgy fake tan, fashion sense and rumours about her colourful past, before reports that she was taking drugs behind the scenes lead to her being kicked off the ITV singing competition.

She’s now a glamour model with, according to her Instagram account, a seriously expensive lifestyle. She’s also recently become a “CEO & business woman”, setting up a webcam stripping site.

Then: auditioning for The X Factor


Now: talking about her transformation and finding inner peace…