Where is The Grand Tour test track?

Everything you need to know about Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May's new 'secret' airbase location


The Grand Tour is back, with a brand-new test track.


Yes, it’s still in a former air base, and yes it’s still in the middle of nowhere, but no, it’s not the same Top Gear test track. Just in case you were wondering.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new circuit.

Where is the new Grand Tour test track?

The new track is located on the former RAF airfield at Wroughton near Swindon. There’s an indoor karting arena nearby, and the airbase itself is now owned by the Science Museum, and is home to the museum’s ‘large-object store’.

Here’s the site on Google Maps.

James May must be in his element. Here are some of just some of the delights that have been housed here over the years…


What does the new test track look like – and what are the corners called?


The track is nicknamed the ‘Eboladrome’ for its peculiar similarity to the Ebola virus (in shape, not in fatality). Turn names include the similarly ingenious ‘Your Name Here’ hairpin and ‘Old Lady’s House’ corner.


Now, all we need is new ‘tame’ racing driver Mike ‘The American’ Skinner to drive it…