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What's with all the honeycomb in MasterChef: The Professionals?

Thanks Crunchie it's MasterChef! But not when it's paired with lamb and fish... logo
Published: Thursday, 19th November 2015 at 7:10 pm

We all love a Crunchie once in a while, but there is a limit – and the chefs on this year's MasterChef: The Professionals have definitely found it...


The BBC2 series is the cream of culinary competitions but each series seems to throw up one inexplicable fad or craze – from molecular gastronomy to ballotines – and this year it's honeycomb.

Nothing wrong with that, you might think – a lump of sweet, crunchy honeycomb with, say, a homemade ice-cream (basically a posh Crunchie McFlurry) – what could be nicer? But no, it's not the desserts that are getting a sugary injection, it's the mains...

On Tuesday night, Anthony served up a lamb dish featuring shards of honeycomb. "This dish does not work at all," said head judge Marcus Wareing. On Wednesday there were two more: another with lamb from Josh – "I've absolutely no idea why that's on the plate" – and one with fish, from Chris – "this is a disaster".

The weird thing about these MasterChef fads (almost as weird as fish with honeycomb) is that they don't even seem to reflect current culinary trends (Marcus and fellow chef Monica Galetti had a good laugh when Josh claimed honeycomb was "a traditional garnish" for lamb) so you do have to wonder where the three separate contestants got their inspiration. Maybe they were distracted by the sweet shelf as they headed for the checkout with the rest of their ingredients.

Whatever the reason, let's hope the next time we see honeycomb on MasterChef it's in a dessert. Unless, of course, it's a Crunchie sticking out of Gregg Wallace's back pocket...


MasterChef: The Professionals is on Tuesday to Thursday at 8pm on BBC2


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