Were Love Island’s lie detector results faked?

A number of former stars have claimed that the challenge is not as truthful as it appears - but ITV insist that the results are genuine


Last night’s Love Island saw yet ANOTHER spanner thrown in the works of the villa’s various relationships, with the ITV2 reality series inflicting a lie detector challenge on the girls to find out their innermost secrets. It’s almost like they don’t have these couples’ best interests at heart sometimes.


Questioned by the boys, the girls revealed what were apparently their true feelings about their other halves, bringing friction between some couples (like Gaby and Marcel) and tears to Camilla – but now that the dust has settled, the accuracy of the lie detector results are being questioned.

You see, a few former contestants from previous years of Love Island have claimed on Twitter that the lie detector challenge is actually faked by series producers, with the “truth” and “lie” pronouncements actually selected according to what will cause the most drama in the villa.

2016 contestants Kady McDermott, Alex Bowen and winner Cara de la Hoyde all made the claims, telling curious fans that in their experience the detector challenge was a big old lie itself.

Of course, it’s not like lie detectors are foolproof technology even in the real world – they’re inadmissible in court, and if they were truly reliable we really would have much less trouble with the whole “crime” thing in general – and considering narrator Ian Stirling joked during the episode that he’d bought the machine off some bloke at the beach, it’s possible we weren’t meant to take the whole thing that seriously anyway.

However, ITV do assure RadioTimes.com that the detector results are 100% genuine, so perhaps the truth is still out there in the villa after all.

But whatever the truth or lie of the lie detector itself, we’re betting it won’t have fans quite as furious as one other thing about last night’s episode – the fact that the series waited to do the test until AFTER Mike had left the villa, meaning we’ll never truly know what went on between him and Jess.

Sad, sad times.

Love Island continues on ITV2 at 9:00pm