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We set The Apprentice's fired private tutor Sam Curry an exam

Lord Sugar's latest boardroom evictee scores his own maths skills, dishes on how many times he's heard Brett's catchphrase and whether he can say Snottydink without laughing...

Published: Wednesday, 18th November 2015 at 9:01 pm



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Answer: B) Maybe

"On the task itself, I don't think I was the most at fault, but - Lord Sugar said himself - he respects my ability and intelligence, but just didn't think I had enough experience at the time to be his business partner."

Answer: Potentially Scott, potentially Selina. 

"That's tough. Ultimately, Scott got slightly flustered and didn't manage as well as he would have liked. I think Selina was quite largely at fault for the negativity in the task that week."

Answer: It's between B and C

"I thought we probably would win, but I had a hunch they might..."

Answer: B) Wearing those t-shirts

"Come on!"

Answer: Probably a five

"I can just about do it. But I'm not going to be doing a PHD in simultaneous equations. See, that's about the most complex maths I can think of."

Answer: A) At least 2000!

"Or more... that and 'stipulate'. I don't think Brett has ever said anything in his life, he's stipulated all of it."

Answer: Elle's creativity and Vana 100% of her

"If you're going to improve something from something that's already amazing, just add some Elle in there. If you combine those two, they'd be unstoppable."

Answer: B) Claude Littner

"Definitely not Richard... Claude. I love Claude. I tell you the thing about Claude, he's so honest and fair. If you do something well he will congratulate you for it. He will praise you where there's due praise. If you do something stupid or incorrect he will criticise you and pull you up. I value nothing more than honesty and self-awareness and Claude has both of those in bucket loads."

Answer: A) Only if I'm paid to

"If I was paid to go. It would have to be enough money."

Answer: A, B & C

"Ha ha!!"

Answer: A) Of course

"It was great and I have no qualms about discussing the brilliance of Snottydink."

Answer: A) All of them

"It sounds like the safe answer, but I'm going to go for all of them. All I'll say is that you see a fraction of those people. The fact that Brett is seen as aggressive is a joke. The fact that Vana is seen as demanding is a joke. There are so many amazing people in that house. People watch The Apprentice and think they're a bunch of idiots, but I can guarantee you, as someone who works in academia and is constantly judging people's intelligence, all of them have good abilities. Some of them are phenomenal."

Answer: Vana


"Hands down."


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