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Who is Vinegar Strokes? Meet the RuPaul’s Drag Race UK queen and West End star

She's already shared a stage with Drag Race judge Michelle Visage

Vinegar Strokes Drag Race UK
Published: Thursday, 12th December 2019 at 6:36 pm

Ever wondered what Tina Turner, Lizzo and Kat Slater mixed into one person would be like? Us neither, but Drag Race UK contestant Vinegar Strokes has offered an answer anyway.


Comparing her singing style to all of those entertainment icons blended into one, Vinegar says she’s a “proper London lady” and straight-up comedy queen.

And Vinegar – one of the ten queens competing on this year’s UK competition – already has plenty of links to the show, performing with Michelle Visage and US Drag Race winner Bianca Del Rio in the West End play Everybody’s Talking About Jamie.

Want to know more about Vinegar Strokes and the very NSFW meaning behind her name? Read on at your peril...

Vinegar Strokes: Key facts

Age: 35

From: London

Stage name of: Daniel Jacob

Twitter: @TheOnlyVinegar

Instagram: @theonlyvinegarstrokes

Strengths and weaknesses: As Vinegar eloquently puts it: “I’m feeling quite confident about my lip syncing skills but my sewing skills are s***!”

Who is Vinegar Strokes?

Starting off as an actor, Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts graduate Daniel Jacob didn’t have much success securing auditions. However, things started to change once he developed the drag persona Vinegar Strokes five years ago.

“Drag has been the best decision I have ever made,” Vinegar says. “[It] has given me the opportunity to do so many amazing acting jobs and comedy shows, performing up and down the country, in the West End.”

As we mentioned above, Vinegar has enjoyed time on the West End in drag show Everybody’s Talking About Jamie alongside Drag Race UK judge Michelle Visage.

“I did dance with Michelle Visage every single night,” she says. “I’ve already been clearly told there’s going to be no favouritism and this will be a level playing field. She won’t be allowing me any airs or graces when it comes to RuPaul’s Drag Race UK – I better come correct!”

Why is she called Vinegar Strokes?

“The origins of my name came about with me putting makeup on for the first time and sending a picture to my best friend, who replied with ‘alright Vinegar T**s’ and I was like 'Vinegar? That is a hot name,'” she recalls. “I wasn’t sure about ‘t**s’, so I went on the internet and Vinegar Strokes popped up and I thought that’s my name!”

So, what does Vinegar Strokes actually mean? It’s probably too much to publish on an esteemed publication such as, but since you asked we must answer. And we're sorry, so so sorry to tell you, but 'vinegar strokes' are the moments during male masturbation immediately preceding...completion.

Let us never speak of this again.

When is RuPaul’s Drag Race UK on TV?

Starting on 3rd October 2019, Drag Race UK episodes will drop every Thursday at 8pm on BBC Three via BBC iPlayer.

The show will see ten queens – including Vinegar Strokes – battle it out each week in a series of challenges, be it a singing, acting or comedy.


And who will be judging it all? Like the US version, drag icon RuPaul Charles will act as head judge. Also on the panel will be Michelle Visage, a guest star judge and Alan Carr or Graham Norton (the pair will appear on a rotating basis).


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