Viewers share relief as they don’t spot themselves on C4’s The Night Bus

Cameras were rigged on an N29 bus from Enfield to Trafalgar Square and people were pretty chuffed they didn't see themselves making their way home

The Night Bus launched on Channel 4 last night, with cameras catching the action of people’s late night journeys between Enfield and Trafalgar Square on the N29.


For plenty of viewers, they were just pleased to find they hadn’t accidentally signed themselves up for a starring role.  

No one wants to see themselves asleep on a bus floor, right?

Some tried praying to the TFL gods so that they wouldn’t appear.

Others are actually surprised they weren’t on there.

Some know exactly how it would go down if they were caught on camera.

They definitely wouldn’t get a word out of this traveller.

For some, it made them miss London.

Others even wanted to move to London.

Some couldn’t decide whether it didn’t seem real because the people were too nice…

…or because they weren’t.

Mainly it was what people were expecting.

Although some wanted more magic.

Feel like getting on board? Nope.

Plenty simply didn’t know what to say.

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