Malin finally returned to Love Island last night... The former contestant had watched her 'boyfriend' Terry cheat on her with new housemate Emma days after she was voted out – and we'd watched her react with horror on social media.


But last night, to the delight of fans, Malin was back in the sun to confront her former flame. It was joyful viewing for Malin fans as she talked him through the "big shock" he's going to get when the show ends and he realises how much support there is for Malin...

Twitter really did get behind her.

Terry genuinely did not have a leg to stand on hahaha, YES MALIN

— Ellie Newby (@newby_ellie) July 5, 2016

Fellow former Love Islander Tom was firmly #TeamMalin

Well done love island #MuggedOff

— Thomas Powell (@ThomasJ_powell) July 4, 2016

In fact, it was #TeamMalin all the way...

Some Love Island fans were inspired by her no-nonsense approach:

This debate isn't just about what happens in Love Island, people!

While others didn't think she went far enough when it came to telling Terry what she thought of him:

Not everyone was impressed my Malin's showdown, though. Some were a tad underwhelmed:

Really, we are all just hoping the Malin v Terry drama isn't quite over yet. And with a new girl set to join the villa, minds are racing...


Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2