Viewers couldn’t believe Teri Hatcher was in the Bake Off tent – and neither could she

Turns out the Desperate Housewives star is a Great British Bake Off mega-fan

Teri Hatcher on Bake Off

Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher came all the way from Wisteria Lane to the Bake Off tent – and she was Extremely Excited about it. She even brought her own ingredients, including 48 eggs (just in case).


The actress (and former Lois Lane) turns out to be a HUGE Bake Off fan and couldn’t believe her luck as she entered the tent for the Stand Up to Cancer celebrity special. There was much jumping up and down. It was excellent.

Viewers were also pretty surprised to see her. Yes, that was ACTUALLY Teri Hatcher, of Lois and Clark fame, on the Great British Bake Off, slaying it with her savoury muffins.

Hatcher was joined in the tent by comedians Aisling Bea and Alan Carr, and Olympian Kadeena Cox. They were tasked with baking a batch of muffins, a custard pie and a rainbow cake.

And the American actress quickly demonstrated her supreme skills in the kitchen…


Hatcher will return home victorious, having been crowned star baker and emptied her suitcase of eggs, and she couldn’t be happier…