For petrolheads, nothing can get you more revved up at Christmas than watching three car aficionados take on a tough road trip across the globe.


Thankfully, Top Gear Christmas will deliver just that, with Freddie Flintoff, Paddy McGuinness and Chris Harris heading to Asia for their first festive offering.

From scaling the Himalayas to battling river crossings, here’s everything you need to know about Top Gear Christmas…

What will happen on Top Gear Christmas?

Billed as the toughest road trip ever, the trio will take on a five-day high-altitude Himalayan voyage from Kathmandu, capital of Nepal, to the Forbidden City of Lo Manthang on the Tibetan plateau.

A feat that would test any hardy 4x4, the boys have to complete the expedition in a very small old Peugeot, a very small old Renault, and Nepal’s first (and only) home-built car.

The journey will see them battling mudslides, struggling with huge river crossings and attempting to take on some of the planets deepest gorges and harshest terrains.

Who presents Top Gear?

Freddie Flintoff, Paddy McGuinness and Chris Harris have teamed up for the gruelling expedition in what will mark their first festive special as a trio having taken over the reins in early 2019.

When is Top Gear Christmas on TV?

We finally have a date. Top Gear Christmas will hit BBC Two on 29th December at 9pm. But we still don't have a confirmed time.


Will there be a new series?

No word on an official start date, but it is expected in 2020, with many guessing around early Spring. We’re also in the dark on locations but with Ethiopia and Borneo ticked off for series 27 we can expect travels to far flung places.