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The Love Islanders' first "challenge" is a cross between spin the bottle and truth or dare

And we thought they'd be building an orphanage

Published: Tuesday, 6th June 2017 at 4:21 pm

We thought maybe the first challenge the new Love Islanders would face might be orienteering, or maybe building an orphanage, but it turns out the producers have gone a bit left-field with this one – it's about snogging and saucy secrets...


Here's the text that comes in during Tuesday night's show:

Islanders, it’s time to pop the cork on your sauciest secrets in today’s challenge ‘A LOT OF BOTTLE.” #puckerup

Here's what they have to do:

Teaming up as boys vs girls, one by one each islander is given a fact about another. They then have to step forward and kiss the person they think the fact relates to.

Here's what we learn about the Islanders:

Marcel got caught having sex in a car (tut, tut, Marcel – never get caught)

Olivia has her ex’s initials tattooed on her (on her what?)

Camilla once fell asleep during sex (well at least that sets the bar low for the Island boys)

Amber slept with two different guys in one night (please don't try to break that record here Amber)

Here's what happens next:

Now brace yourselves, but... some of the Islanders use the challenge as an opportunity to get a little more intimate with each other. Who? Well, Kem and Amber and Sam and Olivia.

Sam on Olivia: “She didn’t hold back when she was kissing. It was absolutely class.”

Amber on Kem: “He went in for this intimate snog and I was like, loving it. I was like ‘yes.’

Amber: “Everyone knows I love a good kiss. You know. After last night.”

Last night? Yep, more on that in the show...


Love Island is tonight at 9pm on ITV2


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