The Love Island couples play an X-rated version of Mr and Mrs

100 girls? Really...?


Remember family game show Mr and Mrs? Well forget it. Because this is Love Island, and instead of questions about who does the washing up or what their favourite flavour of soup is, the newly-re-coupled Islanders get sexual positions and numbers of partners.


Here’s a cheeky taster of what goes on, ahead of tonight’s episode….

Chloe correctly guesses that Chris has slept with 13 girls

Montana correctly guesses that Sam has slept with 100 girls (can Sam even count to 100?). Or as she puts it, “100 mingers”

Camilla guesses Jonny’s favourite sexual position: “I nearly put reverse cow girl, and then I was like ‘I don’t know if I want to write that.’ Also doggy was the safe bet.”

Thanks for the tip Camilla.


Love Island continues at 9pm tonight on ITV2