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The Jump's Jodie Kidd: I tried to bring down "nasty" Lady Victoria Hervey

“It’s not the Olympics, love!” Kidd jokes after Lady V showed her competitive side on the slopes

Published: Wednesday, 4th February 2015 at 11:46 am

Fresh from being booted out of Channel 4’s The Jump last night, presenter and model Jodie Kidd admits she was surprised by how competitive Lady Victoria Hervey was with her.


“Watching that VT of how nasty she was, I was a bit kind of put back,” Kidd tells after seeing behind-the-scenes footage of Lady V expressing her rather keen desire to beat her down the slopes.

“I was a bit like, cor…”

Kidd jokes that even after attempting the terrifying skeleton run – the ladies' first event – Hervey was quick to lay the gauntlet down.

“To go through the whole run and the first thing you say when you took your helmet off was to be annoyed about me… that was outrageous that I was on her mind the whole way down the skeleton.

“I was like, the first thing we all said when we took our helmets off was, ‘Bloody hell!’” Kidd chuckles, having herself joined the show as a late replacement for an injured Sally Bercow.

“I was like, it’s not the Olympics, love.”

Hervey did apologise after the first show, admits Kidd, but any cooling off doesn't seem to have lasted long if the words exchanged moments before yesterday's terrifying Snow Cross race are anything to go by. 

“Last night she said something like, ‘I’m going to thrash you because you’re so much slower’,” Kidd laughs. If you missed it, it was an all out battle between the frosty duo and Made In Chelsea’s Louise Thompson down a slippery slope with just padding and a pair of skates to their name.

While everyone else was wishing each other luck and being supportive, Kidd says “Lady V was kind of slamming me.”

Kidd face-planted moments after setting off – “I’d only been down the Snow Cross twice!” – but admits she did attempt a sneaky tactic with her fierce competitor.

“I tried to grab Victoria’s leg; I tried to bring her down. I was being really naughty but it didn’t work and she jumped over the top of me.”

So not destined to be friends for life, then?

“No, I don’t think so.”


The Jump continues tonight at 8:00pm on Channel 4


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