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The Jump 2015: Meet Dom Parker

One half of Gogglebox's beloved 'Posh Couple' – it's got to be all about the après ski, eh? Chin chin... logo
Published: Sunday, 1st February 2015 at 6:16 am

Name: Dom Parker


Jump nickname: Dom 'The Arctic Fox' Parker

Age: 49

Famous, why? A breakout star from C4's Gogglebox and one half of 'Posh Couple' Steph and Dom

Bio: Dom Parker rose to fame for being one of those people we just can't get enough of watching watch TV. Yes, Dom is a Gogglebox star, married to Steph and one half of the 'Posh Couple' well-known to enjoy a tipple or three while checking out the week's top telly. Dom is a competent skier, but with no experience of the majority of the other disciplines, he's still got a lot to learn. "I’m not expecting to win, probably because I’m a bit old and a bit fat," he laughs.

Then: Discussing Nigella on Gogglebox

Now: Wife Steph tells us how he's getting on in training


The Jump starts Sunday at 7:00pm on Channel 4


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